Download Eyecharts step by step! 

EyeCharts is easy to learn and use. Learn how to activate to Premium

Check the device requirements to use the Software

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How to install and activate?

  1. Open Google App Store in your TV.
  2. Search for EyeCharts.
  3. Download the App.

Can’t find the App in google Play Store?

Install using your TV browser:

  1. Open internet Browser
  2. Type:

Activating EyeCharts

  1. Open EyeCharts App installed in your TV.
  2. Select Activate.
  3. Read the QR Code.
  4. Purchase the License Key.

Issues during activation:

1) License Key not found: Check if you inserted the code correctly, check internet connection and try again.

 2) Unable to activate: check if the code has already been activated on another machine and disable it first. In the case of you have intalled in more then 2 different machines, you should deactivate one of the machines first.
Remember, 1 DiVA premium serial allows 2 machines to be activated. 

3) Other problems: try reset the application and perform the activation process again.

4) How RESET the APP? To reset, enter “Settings” by pressing [Z] key. Then click reset Application located in the botton of the page. 

User Guide

Using DiVA by EyeCharts

Simple: EyeCHarts is fully operable using the arrow keys. [DOWN] and [UP] arrows change the size of the optotype. [LEFT] and [RIGHT] arrows modify the letter of the optotype.

To record Visual Acuity [Hold OK ARROW Key] then record right eye acuity [Hold HIGHT ARROW key] to or record left visual acuity [Hold LEFT ARROW key].

To Configure Language, Screen Size, Room Distance, Visual Acuity Unity, go to Settings.