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Eyecharts Visual Acuity Software
About EyeCharts

Visual Acuity software with the best Design and Functions combined.


By downloading or running this Software, You accept this End-User License Agreement. If You don’t agree, do not download or use the Software. You are responsible for ensuring using the compatible devices and your device meets minimum requirements of the DiVA software.

Optimize Your Eye Exam

Have Surgery Simulators in Your Clinic 

EyeCharts is the first eyesight system to include Educational Surgery Simulators

Multi-language alphabet. English, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Cyrilic, Latim.

EyeCharts - Professional visual Acuity App

* Multilingual: available on Windows, Android TV, Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV, Amazon Fire.

** Hindi & Cyrillic alphabet: available on Windows, Android TV, Amazon Fire, LG Smart TV (Soon on Samsung Smart Tv’s)

Professional Visual Acuity Tests

EyeCharts is created by Ophthalmolgists to Your Office.

ETDRS Chart • Snellen Chart • Numbers Chart • Color Test • Contrast Sensibility Test • Figures Chart • One Hand Chart  • HTOV Chart •  Tumbling “E” Chart • Glaucoma Simulator   Cataract Simulator  • Red-Green Test •  Worth 4 Dot Test • Optokinetic Test   • Reversal/mirrored images •   Astigmatic Dial Test


Full ETDRS chart with ETDRS converted unity

Record Visual Acuity

Never forget your patient’s visual acuity again


Easily discernible figures

Eye anatomy

You can display an interactive Eye Anatomy

Snellen Ishihara ETDRS Astigmatic dial

Color Blind Test

Color Blind Test with test result.

Glaucoma Simulator

Glaucoma and cataract simulators.

Snellen Ishihara ETDRS Astigmatic dial

Astigmatic Dial

You can use different types of astigmatic tests.

Duochrome test Red-Green Test

Red-Green Test

You can refine the final spheric refraction.

EyeCharts Premium License

Take full advantage of EyeCharts System


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Step 2: Buy Premium License

We help build a world with zero hunger

10% of all sales are converted to United Nations WFP

“Today, 690 million people around the world will go to bed on an empty stomach. But your gift means that one less child will be at risk of starvation tonight.”   font:

Donation in numbers

We donated enough to provide food for: 

250 people for a month

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Dr Ana Carla


I bought eyecharts 3 months ago and I am very satisfied, software developed with great care and by those who best knows the subject. Simply fantastic!!!

Dr Sara Ahmed


It comes with Snellen chart, ETDRS, Optokinetic test, surgery simulators and so on. Me and my patients are loving it. Definitely the best Optotype Projector.

Optotype projector, Snellen tes, Visual acuity test download
Dr Pierre Braka


Easily installed on a Smart TV. Eyecharts is a professional visual Acuity system. We are very happy with EyeCharts. Congrats to the Team.

Dr Prince Amissah


Very good technical support. Updates are free and the product is affordable and currently meets all my needs. The videos are still excellent for patient education.


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